Criminal/Civil Investigations

We’re experts at getting you the full story behind an incident. We know that having the facts to back up your case can be critical. Hiring a private criminal investigator is often necessary to follow the paper trail, find the evidence, and prove your case in court. We have a proven track record of finding the accurate information for our cases. When we cover criminal and civil investigations, we look into every aspect of the case including:

  • Witness location & interviews – Many witnesses are more comfortable talking to a private criminal investigator than they are talking to the police. When you hire a private investigator, you’re going to get the full and complete story, not just what may be covered in a police report. We are able to find all of the witnesses, on and off the report, interview them, and get the whole story.
  • Witness credibility – Not every witness is as credible as they may appear. We dive deep to learn the true character of a witness before they take the stand at a trial. Utilizing a private investigator allows you to be forewarned of any dark secrets your star witness may have.
  • Records locate & retrieval – Having physical proof of an incident in a full, unredacted, record can be the evidence you need to solidify your argument. We find and retrieve the records you need, straight from the source.
  • Committee for Public Counsel Services – Otherwise known as CPCS. We provide private investigation services for indigent defendants and court appointed attorneys.
  • Crime/Accident scene diagram & photographs – When a police report doesn’t cover a crime scene to the fullest extent in their report, there are facts left unchecked. Hiring a private criminal investigator allows you to get the full unbiased report of a crime scene. We measure the scene, take photographs, and document the facts of the case.
  • Asset investigations – Asset investigations are used in many of our cases. We can find out if a person does or does not have they assets they claim. Having an accurate account of a person’s assets can be hugely important in both criminal and civil cases.

To capture high-quality audio, video, and photographed evidence to use in civil and criminal legal proceedings we use state-of-the-art equipment. Our private investigators are highly trained and experienced in the many varied needs that a criminal or civil case may have. All services requested will always be performed in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws.

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