Due Diligence

We help our clients discover the facts needed to ensure safety of themselves, their family, and staff. Our trained background investigators know how to get the accurate facts about a person so you can get the evidence you need for both personal and business needs. Knowing a person’s full history before hiring or interacting with them can be essential for safety. Our trained investigators can:

  • Criminal/civil/probate court records search – Our trained background investigators are able to get full records on a person straight from the court. This includes a person’s full history in the court at the criminal, civil, and probate levels.
  • Social/professional media investigation – We’re all on social media every day. Even if you don’t personally use social media, you may have friends or loved ones posting photos of you. We utilize this fact to track people’s actions online. The things people post online are able to be deleted after the fact, but we save the evidence to prove what we found after the fact. We utilize social media investigations to learn the true nature of a person as well as finding evidence of wrongdoing. We continue to search social media through an investigation to see what may change over time. Social media investigations are also helpful in establishing accurate identification in person.
  • Workplace Violence Investigation – We take the utmost care to ensure that your workplace will be safe after a threat of violence. This includes your background investigator checking for a past history of violence, assessing the current threat, and surveillance of the aggressor. We can give 24-hour security of threatened people as needed.
  • 3 bureau Credit check – With the appropriate signed release we can do a thorough credit check. This can be critical in verifying a person’s identity and financial past. You can glean valuable information about how a potential employee handles money, and their decision making abilities.
  • In person former employer interviews – Your private background investigator takes the time to check a potential employee’s references in person. This means you get the full story, not just a generic letter of recommendation. This is helpful in ensuring you know the full work history of an employee.
  • Sales force/fleet tracking – When you have a sales force or fleet of drivers on the road it is crucial that they are where they say they are. Our trained investigators are able to track the whereabouts of your traveling team to ensure they are safe and productive.
  • Online dating/Child care vetting – Before meeting an online date or hiring child care, it’s critical to verify the person is who they say they are. This is helpful in ensuring that you or your child will be safe in their company. Our background investigators can uncover hidden secrets you need to know.


In our due diligence investigations, we utilize the best in audio and video capture devices to produce high-quality audio and videotaped evidence. Our background investigators are highly trained and experienced in the many varied needs that these cases may have. All services requested will always be performed in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws.

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