Insurance Investigations

Fraudulent insurance claims cost hard working Americans billions of dollars each year. Insurance fraud is the second most costly white-collar crime in America according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. It doesn’t matter if it’s a property claim, or casualty claim, hard fraud or soft fraud, insurance fraud is damaging. We have years of experience providing the evidence necessary to help prove insurance fraud. Our skilled private insurance investigators can safely capture evidence to prove fraud in or out of court. We use many different tactics when investigating insurance fraud including:


  • Social/professional media investigation – Social media is ingrained in our daily lives, and it can be extremely useful as a private insurance investigator. People may post incriminating photos or updates about themselves, just to delete them later. We find all the personal and professional social media accounts a person may have and save needed content for when it may be needed later. This includes an ongoing investigative service throughout the case to ensure every possible post is covered. Social media investigations are also useful in ensuring accurate verification of identity.
  • Covert surveillance – Covert surveillance is both an art and a science to the well trained insurance fraud investigator. We have years of experience in surveillance without detection and we have all the latest equipment to document what we find. Without appropriate equipment you can’t obtain the results needed, period.
  • Asset investigations – Especially for insurance fraud, it’s crucial to know if a person has the assets they claim to have. Our highly skilled investigators can accurately find out the assets a person actually has. For insurance fraud investigations this can also include verifying that a person may have an asset they have claimed was destroyed.
  • Witness location & interviews – We will always get the full and complete story, not just what may be covered in a police report. There are many witnesses who are more comfortable talking to a private insurance investigator than they are talking to the police. This allows us to find all of the witnesses and interview them to get the whole story.
  • Records locate & retrieval – Complete and unredacted records can be the evidence that makes or breaks your argument. It’s the paper trail many cases need to prove what actually happened. Our investigators are skilled in finding the necessary records straight from the original source.
  • Accident scene diagram & photographs – In many cases having the definitive, unbiased facts of an accident scene is necessary to prove the incident did or did not happen as the witnesses say. When a police report isn’t required to cover the full extent of an accident scene, a private insurance fraud investigator can help. We go straight to the scene of the accident to get the accurate measurements, and document the area with photographs.
  • Alive & Well Being Checks – Alive and wellbeing checks is less straightforward as it may sound. We also check if a person is cohabitating with someone else, if they’ve gotten married, and if there are any other pertinent aspects to their current condition.

It is critical for insurance fraud investigations that we utilize the best equipment there is to capture evidence. We use first-rate audio and video capturing devices to obtain clear and useful sound, video, and photographic proof. Our insurance fraud investigators are highly experienced and know the many intricacies of these cases. All services requested will always be performed in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws.

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