“Our law office has hired Stan numerous times over the last 6 years for various investigations and services involving family law matters and criminal matters. Stan and the Four Seasons Investigations team has provided us with information and evidence that assisted in resolving cases favorably for our clients. Their discreet surveillance that produced photographs and videos of a self-employed individual claiming that he had no work who was actually working daily produced a significant support award to our client. They provided evidence of an unstable mother resulting in the father getting legal and physical custody of the child. The quality of their surveillance evidence is outstanding and proved that an opposing party was not following a court order. Stan involved and managed a computer forensic team to investigate concerning an extremely contentious divorce that located irregular electronic tracking on our client’s phone and computer as well as a recording device in the home after a mechanic had also found a GPS tracking device on our client’s car. Stan has interviewed witnesses in criminal matters obtaining information that directed how the cases would proceed. A recent case investigation provided information and photographs that I believe helped persuade a jury to reach a not guilty verdict in a serious larceny over charge. There are countless other examples of Four Seasons Investigations assisting our office from asset searches to RMV searches that have either proved or disproved a theory of our case directing how we managed the matter. Stan and his team are flexible and ready to serve whether I need him on a weekend, early mornings, or late nights. I could not be more satisfied with the services and professionalism that I have received from Four Seasons Investigations. I highly recommend Four Seasons Investigations.”

-David Broderick

 “I have retained Stan and Four Seasons Investigations (FSI) on several occasions over the last 20 years of my legal career. In a nutshell, Stan is a consummate professional. FSI has literally delivered on every assignment I asked. Stan goes above and beyond all competitors I have encountered. I highly recommend Stan and FSI to any other attorneys or legal professionals.”

-Dennis Teravainen

“Stan and I attended Northeastern University together and then went on to work together as Private Investigators. Stan and I have been friends and colleagues for over 20 years. Stan’s work is exceptional and his clients always get the finest work in the business. His integrity is exemplary and he sets the bar for our profession. Stan, the owner of Four Seasons Investigations is my go to person / company. I only refer my business to Stan in his coverage areas because it is always done right and to the highest standards. I highly recommend Four Seasons Investigations.”

– Dave Mcgrath


“A true dedicated professional who always gets results. I’ve used Four Seasons’ services for over 12 years, as my business requires flawless results, and recommend them frequently to others, who expect excellence. It’s rare to find a company which provides more than what you pay for, but Four Seasons consistently exceeds in this premise. Simply the best in business!”

-Zsolt Medveczky

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